Jesse Huynh's Portfolio

Jesse Huynh

Web Developer


Headshot of Jesse Huynh. Photo by Pam Lau
Jesse Huynh sitting on a ledge in front of a graffiti wall. Photo by Shangni Hu

My love for design, puzzles, and technology has turned me, from a hairstylist into a front-end web developer, currently based Halifax. I write clean, efficient code while creating engaging websites and applications that are aesthetic and accessible to all users.

When I’m giving my laptop the opportunity to cool down, I’m thrift-shopping, playing Overwatch, or working out so I can eat twice the amount of snacks.


Screenshot of the Sheridan Eye Clinic's home page

Sheridan Eye Clinic

This client website was built and designed by me! Sheridan Eye Clinic is a proud, family-run business, and their doctors have been looking out for your eye health for over 20 years! View it live and book your eye exam today!

Screenshot of the Stumble Grumble Restaurant Finder's opening page


Hungry? This StumbleGrumble React app uses Javascript and a few google APIs to generate as list of food options near you. Built with Claire Ristow and Moin Gani.

Screenshot of my first portfolio's hero header. Shows a custom SVG illustration of web developer, Jesse Huynh

My First Portfolio

Here's a flashback to my first portfolio following the end of my bootcamp at HackerYou. This project was built and designed by me in September 2018, and then I changed it, 3 days later, to my current portfolio!

Screenshot of Overwatch app's landing page

Overwatch Database

Look up your favourite Overwatch Hero with this mock-up agent database! This app uses Javascript and APIs to display hero stats and their location dynamically. Enter anything to "log in". Built with Erin Maaskant.

Screenshot of the One Minute Hair Consultation app

One Minute Hair Consultation

Got a minute? This Javascript / jQuery application generates a suitable hairstyle based off of a list of generalized features and the user's selections.

Screenshot of the Corporate hero

Corporate - PSD Conversion

This PSD conversion shows a great use of BEM (naming convention), to create reusable components in combination with Sass, to render a sleek, pixel-perfect and responsive design.